Solo Hiking Tips

Solo Hiking Suggestions:

The Best Way To Stay Safe On Any Trail

These solo hiking advice will give you the info you must realize the happiness of solo hiking and backpacking.

Hiking alone is an excellent chance for introspection and personal growth during your alone time on a trail.

Going at your own pace, planning your own agenda, gives you two presents in short supply



SPACE (both mental and physical).

But let us be realistic.

There are good and and less great aspects to solo hiking or backpacking.

In order to go alone with confidence, let us look at them together.


Advantages of Solo Hiking

The advantages of hiking alone (in my modest view) contain

* isolation,

* quietness on the trail to maximize wildlife meetings,

* control over the day-to-day speed and destination,

* decompression time to shed pressure,

* chance for mental challenges (beating a fear of the dark, for instance),

Dedicated and * time to analyze and construct outside abilities.

And you do not have to pay a lot of attention to personal hygiene while backpacking – unless you need to!

But please – do not simply take my word on the wonders of solo hiking. Here are words of wisdom from a girl who finished her first solo excursion – any take home lessons (specially about feet) for you?

Drawbacks of Solo Hiking

The negative of hiking by yourself revolves around variables like to balance things out:

personal safety,
physical strength,
mental endurance,
and outside abilities.
It is normal to have doubts about going alone!

As for me, I wonder about cougar assaults (usually, they target one hikers).

I am not too fond of being by myself in thunder storms.

And every once in awhile I meet with a male hiker who makes me feel uneasy, sometimes for no actual reason I can place my finger on.
You likely have your own list of stuff which bring up the fear factor: solo hiking hazards.

Do we concur that going solo goes somewhat against the grain of what females are expected to do?

So if you are thinking of day hiking alone, you might want some superb solo hiking suggestions.

Solo Hiking Suggestions
To Fight Your Uncertainties

Here’s my strategy as a girl solo hiker:

I assure myself that needing to trek by myself isn’t unusual or antisocial.

Then I remind myself that going solo calls for a powerful dose of personal responsibility:

Cautious preparation,
making myself trackable,
and honoring my mental and physical limits.
I get out my checklists. That is not only a solo hiking hint – it is for any hiking you do, ever.

Checklists are a tried and true method to make your trip worry-free – for nearest and dearest who may not support the notion of going off into the unknown wilds on your own, and for you.

Checklists stack the odds in your favor.

But they need some consideration and preparation BEFORE you reach the trail.

Perhaps you should not be hiking alone right now, if you end up unwilling to place in the preparation time and adopt this sensible strategy.
Cases of checklists:

Pack check lists: the daily requirements.
So you are not caught off guard on the trail, excursion preparation lists: think things through in the comfort of your own house.
Food checklists are significant, also. Need help planning your nutritional necessities for a solo excursion? Take a look at my e-pamphlets here.

On my trail assurance, I work beyond checklists – how to size up the situation in a hurry, and take charge or prevent trouble.

I stay tolerate conscious when in brown bear country, understanding how to use bear spray.

I’ve also learned personal locator beacon, when/if to rely upon technology: cell phone, or something as easy as a mobile lighter. I take these things with me but never, never trust them fully.

Lastly, I Have taught myself how to be my own best friend in case of crises, thanks not only to what is in my pack but what is in my brain and how I Have conditioned my body.
The solo hiking suggestions on this web site were created to get you thinking about what you can do to improve skill sets and your own trail assurance.

Feel free to contact me if you need to kick the subject of solo hiking around – I ‘m always willing to learn and increase my skill sets by talking things through with another hiker.

I’m honest when I say that I love discussing what I’ve learned inside my continuing quest to become a powerful, competent female hiker.

So willing to share, actually, that I Have created some classes on solo hiking. As they’re learning my solo hiking suggestions I learn from my students!


Solo Hiking Suggestions from “Tidy Cat”
Question from Diane: “ did any of them materialize, and What were your worst fears about going alone?”

Tidy Cat: “Foremost was my fear of getting lost. I’ve almost no sense of direction. I want a navigation system and maps to drive locations I’ve been a dozen times.

My second fear was of facing a big dangerous or creature person.

Neither of these scenarios came close to materializing.

Before leaving home, my map folded into day-to-day sections and added tons of notes to each section seeing water sources and landmarks.

As soon as I picked up my license, the Ranger dried up water sources and added significant details about a detour.

The first day I kept my map in my own front pocket and assessed it often!

As miles and the days went by my self-confidence grew and the map was assessed by me before starting out I reached a fork in the trail, so when discovering water filtering and rests.

In terms of beastly meetings went, I was thrilled to see marmots, mountain goats, elk and a red fox.

Through fruiting berry bushes for a couple of miles the trail lead and was trashed with fresh bear scat. I patted on my hiking poles jointly every few feet. By time the hike was around, I was disappointed at not seeing a bear!

I saw other folks every couple of hours. Only one man made me a little uneasy. He was playing in the freezing glacier water in a river bed and appeared displaced. I looked over my shoulder until I was sure he wasn’t following me and greeted him, and made eye contact.

My husband’s biggest anxiety was that my very pared down and altered gear would leave me dangerous or needing.

Everything had been examined by me and it worked flawlessly on the trail.

The only matter I found myself needing was more time in the woods! And maybe a couple more peanut M&Ms…”

Question from Diane: “At what stage in the trip did you understand that solo hiking stone? Was it a slow dawning, or a “click” moment?”

Tidy Cat: “Solo hiking started to rock for me right from the start.

For the very first time, I wasn’t looking at someone else’s backside, the view was all mine.

I listened to nothing but my own ideas and the sound of the wilds around me, rested when I was tired, ate when I was starving and set my own pace.

As the days progressed my hike became a spiritual experience.

I’d determined that instead of this being one 16-day hike, it’d be 16 one day hikes. Each day was increasingly more meditative and I learned what it truly means to live in the minute.

For once, my holiday didn’t fly by at warp speed.

Every single minute was experienced by me .

I ‘ve hours of graphic memories to re-encounter whenever I desire to be joyful or composed.”

Tidy Cat, thanks!

Closing Solo Hiking Suggestions
Here is an instant self-evaluation for those studying solo hiking.

Look only at that picture of me, after a long, steady hike to the peak, sitting within my favourite long sleeved white top.

Would you think I look “alone”, or “peaceful”?

That can give you a hint about how you REALLY feel about hiking solo.

And to get an excellent grip in your comfort zone with this issue of solo hiking, attempt several quizzes I created, only for you!

Solo hiking suggestions – we have just scratched the surface!!

Going solo is a dedication, but a tremendous experience that may open doors you did not even know you had within you.

What is holding YOU back?

By taking a class discover!

Locate one here if you decide you’d rather trek with a trail pal.

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