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Best 15 Short Haircuts for Men

It’s time to really get your hair ready for the imminent hot weather. While a thick, product-heavy mane might be more than fine in the winter, it could make for an extremely uncomfortable (and very sweaty) summer. Prep for heat by lightening up your hair cut to something shorter and simpler to manage. Based on your hair type and maintenance preference, some short hairstyles will continue to work a lot better than others. To help you determine your perfect warm-weather’do, listed here are 15 of well known heads of Hollywood hair—short-hairstyle edition.

Slicked-Back Side Part

This is wonderful for guys who desire low maintenance, but don’t desire to commit to something super short, like a buzzcut or even a crewcut. It will require a fair quantity of product, however, so maybe stay away from that one during summer time if you sweat a lot. Otherwise, simply request around two inches on the top and about an inch on the sides, and then slick it back and sideways while it’s wet with some high-hold pomade.



A cousin of the crewcut, the high-and-tight gets you as close to the simple a buzzcut as you can with no latter style’s commitment to the crop. It’s especially good if you have a square head shape, although pretty much everyone can wear it. Simply have your barber begin with a low setting on the clippers—1 or 2 should do it—and then fade up. The very best should really be left just good enough as possible work in some pomade to give it a little texture (and maybe a part).


For those prepared to commit, the buzzcut is really a perfect spring hairstyle. No maintenance, no muss, no product to worry about. The only choice is how short you want to go. A 1 setting on the clippers gets you near the skin, while a 4 gives you in regards to a half an inch of fuzz. Just ensure you have a great skull shape before you go this route.

Pomp Fade

As far as short hairstyles go, this one is really a bit higher maintenance—but it’s worth it. The greatest issue is keeping that volume in the front. For the cut, ask your barber to go shorter on the sides, with layered length on top. To create it, comb pomade back from your forehead while your hair is wet. Then bust out the hair dryer and blow it back and up in order to create some height. Once it’s dry, use your fingers and much more product to provide it separation. And stay out of the rain.

Modified Pompadour

This is basically a revised (a.k.a. lower maintenance) pompadour. Basically, it’s a similar cut—somewhat longer and layered on the top, with a fade down the sides and back—you simply don’t want to do as much in terms of styling. All you want to do is blow dry your hair back, and once it’s dry, add a medium hold pomade and style it over to the side. Make sure to run your fingers through it to have a bit of volume. This is an especially good style for guys with straighter hair who want to keep things clean and clipped but not as conservative.

Long-on-top high-and-tight

Gosling sports one of the easiest styles to emulate for almost any face or hair type. Require something high and tight on the sides, and about an inch longer on top. Add a part part, which you’ll maintain by towel-drying, then using matte pomade with a comb. Side note: We can’t guarantee this hairstyle can make you appear to be Ryan Gosling.

Buzzcut with Skin Fade

This really is for the man who wants something such as a buzzcut, only with a bit more personality. Ask your barber for a skin fade, or, if you never want very much skin showing, fade up from the sides and back with a 1 setting on the clippers. Choose whatever length you need on top, although for a sharper look like Zayn, it’s better to keep it pretty short.

Taper Fade

For guys with thick wavy hair, a little length on the top could be a good way to help keep things in check. Just have your barber point cut two- or three-inch layers to get rid of bulk and add texture. A gentle conditioner is good to greatly help dial down any frizziness, and to help keep things more manageable. If your own hair tends toward the dry side, a little oil (jojoba, argan, take your pick) will help smooth and soften things as well. To style it, rub a dime-sized amount of texturizing cream in while it’s wet and then, once it’s dry, some strong-hold wax to break it up and add texture. Ditch your comb and style it together with your fingers.

Round Cut

If you have curly hair and an even more angular face, go modern with a round cut. This one’s longer on the top and the sides, and then fades down seriously to the skin. When it starts looking too bushy, it’ll be pretty obvious you will need a trim.