Asolo Hiking Boots Review

Actually, I adore my Asolo hiking boots.
Come learn why I’ve trekked over 3,000 miles only in my Asolo GTX hiking boot, one of the best waterproof boots for hiking.
Honestly, there’s no better boot.
I’ve trekked all over Glacier National Park in them (500 miles in one summer!), I’ve trekked from the southwest corner of France to the northwest corner of Spain in one summer in them, and I’ve trekked all over Colorado with them.
Everywhere I go, I rave about my Asolo hiking boots. And NO! This isn’t a paid review of any sort. Asolo hasn’t recruited me and they’ve never sent me anything for free (although I’d take it!)
Honest truth is ’sed by God: this is only me. I love the outside and I love buying the best equipment. When it comes to the best hiking boots, Asolo takes the crown.

Why Asolo Hiking Boots Stone!

Everyone has their own taste in hiking boots. But there are a number of factors that go into crowning the best hiking boot brand that I personally consider:
Lastingness – I’ve have trekked over 3,000 miles in them and they and had my Asolo GTX hiking boots for over 5 years are still going strong!
Stuff – Goretex for breathability & waterproof (you need waterproof hiking boots if you’re an energetic hiker) and the remainder should be leather for durability and shock absorption
Height – Hiking boots should go over-the-ankle to supply ankle protection. Otherwise, you’re in hiking shoes

I made one significant variable off that list that I can bring particular focus to it: Blisters!
Blisters. Those distressing, nagging, burning areas in your foot that can destroy a whole holiday.
Blisters. How I loathe thee. Or I’d loathe thee if they were received by me.
Yes, you read that right. I’ve never, not once, received a blister in my Asolo hiking boots while hiking or backpacking.
Everyone got at least one blister as soon as I trekked the Camino de Santiago in Spain with 12 other students from the University of Michigan. Me? Not one.
And that’s why the best hiking boots are made by Asolo.

Greatest Asolo Hiking Boots: Reviews & Evaluations

OK, I’m going to give you a small insider tips about the best hiking boots Asolo makes and why they’re better than their competition.

1. Asolo Fugitive GTX Hiking Boot Review

ASOLO Men's Fugitive GTX Hiking Boots, Wool/Black 8

The Asolo Fugitive GTX hiking boot is among the most demanding and most comfy. I have used them in all states, from desert, to snow, to mud, and they’re bombproof. Here’s why you should get a pair.

Getting Started With the Asolo Fugitive GTX

The Asolo Fugitive GTX has an excellent feel in your feet. The boot has a roomy inside with a big toe carton – no blisters! I’ve worn thick and thin socks with no trouble. That makes them great for hot states and cold and.

Unlike some leather hiking boots I’ve had, I didn’t have to break these boots in. They only work out of the carton. Just a heads up however, the footbed in this hiking boot is completely level. If you enjoy something use an insole. There’s lots of room in the boot for an insole.

The tread on the Asolo Fugitive GTX was somewhat slippery in the beginning. After several hours of wear, whatever was causing the trouble wore off and it was great.

Expect to get some compliments on the trail also, folks seem to like at them.

Asolo Fugitive GTX on the Trail

I’ve trekked all around the globe in the Asolo Fugitive GTX, to rugged cliff trails, from desert, to thick, thick, annoying rain forest mud. You can pretty much bomb through anything like a tank with these hiking boots. They’ve Goretex to keep your feet dry. The toe is strengthened also.

Walking over sharp stone is never enjoyable. These boots allow it to be simple – you don’t feel the stone. These are my feet resting after a long, rugged hike on the shore of Wales.

Because this boot is so bombproof, you loosened the feel of the trail. When the states are not good, this is an excellent thing. Otherwise I trek with a boot that’s more agile.

I’ve been in the militay for nearly 13 years now, and I’m presently in Afghanistan for the third time. I don’t have any notion how I’ve made it this long with no pair of boots like these. – Amazon Reviewer
I’ve had great grip in slick and wet conditions. They were a bit slick on wet stone, etc when I first got these hiking boots, but this went away after two or the first hike. Hiking with the Asolo meant I could forget about grip and my feet, and focus on other matters.

They’ve only enough ankle support without feeling constricting. I’ve used them with on multi-day trips with no problem with heavy packs. No rolled ankles.

An Update on My Hiking Boots

My first pair of these hiking boots ultimately expired after likely a great dose of negligence, thousands of miles, and 8 years of use by be. The sole began coming off of the toe. The tread had some wear, but was still operational. They were not as uncomfortable as the day.


2. Asolo TPS Hiking Boots

Asolo TPS 520 GV Boot - Men's Chestnut 8

Asolo’s line of TPS hiking boots are their all leather hiking boots.
Personally, I’m not the largest fan of leather hiking boots.
While they may be better for backpacking, they supply 0 breathability and weigh considerably more
Why are leather hiking boots better for backpacking? When you’re on the trail with a hefty back pack, your feet will hurt. Leather supplies shock absorption and added stability.
They also are better protected against the elements, making them waterproof hiking boots that were better.
Me? I purchase other ultralight backpacking equipment and ultralight backpacks, so I despise extra weight. And leather boots are extra weight.
But if you’re gonna go leather rather than Goretex, Asolo’s hiking boots stone in that section, also!
Your choices include:

  • Asolo TPS 535
  • Asolo Power Matic (they really still have a small amount of Goretex)
  • Asolo TPS 520 GV

Again, all the Asolo hiking boots have tons of reviews and all are 4-5 stars at
I cannot rave enough about Asolo. They simply rock.


3. Asolo Piuma Hiking Boots

Asolo Piuma Boot - Men's Elephant / Black 7

Day hikers can lace up the Asolo Piuma hiking boots for traction and support on trust and mixed terrain the water resistant suede upper to provide long-lasting, breathable comfort. Because of Asolo’s Natural Shape technology, the contour of the boot reflects the contour of the hiker’s foot for extra comfort and support over the miles, and the Vibram® outsole offers excellent grip on various surfaces.

Really secure

These are comfortable and great looking boots. I live in Western NC and trek all over. They’ve great ankle support and are light and breathable. I did replace the insole with another one that is really thin since the original looked rather tough. Had to purchase a full size bigger to get fit that is right.

The Piuma hiking boots from Italy’s Asolo are designed for just this type of terrain. I examined a pair in Joshua Tree National Park, the Santa Monica Mountains and Texas Hill Country. I took them through sandy arroyos and across loose gravel routes. I took them bouldering.


  • Lightweight. Piuma is Italian for “feather.”
  • Breathability. The tops of my feet nearly felt exposed.
  • Ankle support. The suede leather and nylon net kept my ankles braced through miles of rugged soil and deep sand.
  • Lacing. Looks like a daft thing to get excited about, but these laced simpler and more comfortably than any other boots I’ve possessed.
  • Design. The Piumas are what occurs when you request the Italians to design a hiking boot.
  • Cost. I’ve paid for boots. But I ‘ven’t loved them as much.
  • Readily broken in. Haven’t had a blister.


  • Couldn’t find these on It’s a website that is sleek, but with boots categorized under pointless names like ” “Matrix, “Radiant,” and “Energy,” you off purchasing through

Bottom Line

I was requested to judge these boots. But as with any hiking shoe, if they didn’t stand up, the trail got to judge me. I could be sentenced to blisters, a turned ankle, or $185 worth of buyer’s remorse. But as it turns out, the Piumas are just what I want.

They were readily broken in. I wore them around the office for a week before taking them on the trail. Not only did I walk blisterless away, they were fashionable enough that I didn’t feel like a dope wearing hiking boots to work.


Where to Purchase Asolo Hiking Boots?

You’ve got a couple choices: – You get your boots in 2 days, if you’re an Amazon prime member. Not bad
Moosejaw – Consistently a trusted basic

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