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100+ Cool Short Haircuts for Men

For most men short haircuts and short hairstyles are the go-to look.

That’s because short hair is so easy to manage. Simply towel dry, use a small amount of hair product, work the hair into the desired style and go. Some cuts can even skip the styling.

Short styles look and feel great, with longer on hair on top to work with and short sides and back that are clean cut all.

These are 125 of the best short hairstyles for men that we have seen come out of barber chairs in recent months. There is something for every hair type, including fine, thick, wavy, curly and black hair, as well as style, from preppy to punk.

Keep scrolling because we have saved some of the best men’s hairstyles for last!

1. Short and Messy + Skin Fade

Tom Baxter Hair

2. Longer on Top Haircut

Men’s World Herenkappers

3. Short Spiky Style + Burst Fade

Tom Baxter Hair

4. Short  Slick Back + Wavy Hair

The Greek

5. Short Pomp Fade

Swiss Hair by Zainal

6. Short Side Part Hairstyle

Nomad Barber BLN

7. Textured Crop + Fade

Julius Cvesar

8. Textured Crop + High Fade

Mr. Liptrot

9. Short Sponge Curls + Line Up

Pat Regan

10. Short Cut + Textured Style

Tom Baxter Hair

11. Short Spiky Hair + Low Undercut

chambers_sheffield cool short textured mens haircut 2017 new

Chambers Sheffield

12. Messy Texture

Viroga’s Barber

13. Slick Back for Short Hair

Brian at Squire Barbershop

14. Caesar Cut + Short Sides

Kevin Luchmun

15. Buzz Fade + Line Up

Steve Trujillo

 16. Ultra Short Buzz Fade + Long Beard

Lundon New York

17. Buzz + Low Drop Fade

meme_clipz_and low drop fade and short hair 2017 new

J. Meme

18. Thick Crop with Texture + Bald Fade


19. Easy Short Hairstyle for Men

Viroga’s Barber

20. Pomp + Short Hair

Nick the Barber

21. Short Side Part + Curly Hair


Dan Perri

22. Really High Fade + Surgical Line + Curly Hair

Stasi Barbers & Academy

23. Short Haircut for Guys with Thick Hair

Pat Regan

24. Short Pomp + Surgical Part

Ivan Rodriguez Hernandez

25. Thick Crop + Texture

Hayden Cassidy Hair

26. Short Crop + Blunt Bangs

Julius Cvesar

27. Classic Men’s Hair + Undercut

patty_cuts classic mens haircut short hair @chris_algieri boxer 2017 new

Pat Regan

28. Longer on Top Buzz + Neck Taper

Captain Smash

29. Burst Fade + Hair Design

Ivan Rodriguez Hernandez

30. Crop + Drop Fade + Hair Design

Wester Barber

31. Buzz + Curved Part + Temple Fade

Diamond Status Barbering

32. Easy Short Cut for Curly Hair

Tommy Roth

33. Short Preppy Hairstyle

Charlie Cullen

34. Cool Short Cut for Curly Hair

Ross Parlane Barbershop

35. Short Crop for Thick Hair + Neck Taper

The Gentleman Barbers

36. Short Spikes for Thick Hair


37. Short Fohawk

Anthony Giannotti

38. Sponge Curls + Temple Fade

Pat Regan

39. High and Tight + Drop Fade

Andy Authentic

40. Waves + High Bald Fade

Germaine Walker

41. Side Part Style + Hair Design

Underground Veria

42. High Skin Fade + Edge Up

Squeak Pro Barber

43. Short Curls + Rounded Part + Temple Fade

Pat Regan

44. Frohawk


45. High and Tight Styled with Texture


46. High and Tight + Shaved Design

Swiss Hair by Zainal

47. Textured Crop with Fringe

The Gentleman Barbers

48. High and Tight for Curly Hair

49.  Short Curly Hair + Mid Fade

Ross Parlane Barbershop

50. Textured Spikes

Agus Barber

51. Short Spiky Hair + Mid Fade

Ivan Rodriguez Hernandez

52. Bold Color + Hair Designs

Paul Mac Special

53. High and Tight + Mid Skin Fade

Pat Regan

54. Short Thick Hair + Temple Fade


55. Shaved Haircut Style

Mr. Fine Line

56. Short Haircut for Thick Hair + Drop Fade

Eddie Rosado

57. Modern Hairstyles for Men

Dre Hair

58. Buzz Fade with Beard

Steve Trujillo

59. Long on Top + Mid Bald Fade

Braid Barbers

60. Fresh Spikes + Shaved Lines

Micky Graham

61. Choppy Spiky Crop

Tom Baxter Hair

62. Short Buzz Fade with Beard

Andy Authentic

63. Crop for Wavy Hair + Taper Fade


64. Classic Short Haircut for Men + Temple Fade

Pat Regan

65. Short Curls + High Taper

Andy Authentic

66. Curly Fringe + High Fade


67. Longer on Top – Short Sides and Back

Andy Authentic

 68. Natural Texture + Mid Skin Fade

Paul Preshaw

69. Thick Spikes + High Fade

Pedro Abreu

70. Short Haircut for Fine Hair + Drop Fade

Ben “Sugar” Kane

71. Textured Spikes + Drop Fade

Agus Barber

72. Thick Spikes

Javi the Barber

73. Crop with Natural Texture

Ruben Djirlauw

74. Short Spikes + Fade Design


75. Short Spiky Crop + Blunt Fringe

Robert Braid

76. Cool Short Cut for Curly Hair

Underground Veria

77. Short Pomp Fade + Hard Part


78. Side Part Hairstyle for Short Hair

Kilian Maddison

79. Textured Quiff for Short Hair

Matt J.

80. Short Combover Hairstyle

Javi the Barber

81. Short Slick Style + High Fade

Ivan Rodriguez Hernandez

82. Crew Cut Styled with Texture

Viroga’s Barber

83. Cool Short Hairstyle for Men

Javi the Barber

84. Men’s Hair Trends: Natural Texture


85. Textured Short Hairstyle for Fine Hair

Pat Regan

86. Textured Spikes + High Fade

Swiss Hair by Zainal

87. Easy Tousled Spikes

Javi the Barber

88. Short Combover Hair + Fade

Lorenzo Diaz

89. Buzz Fade + Textured Styling

Javi the Barber

90. High and Tight with Beard

Drew da Barber

91. Wide Fauxhawk

Ivan Rodriguez Hernandez

92. Thick Crop + Mid Fade

Melissa Toft Hair

93. Textured Side Part Style + High Bald Fade

Mark Marrero

94. Long on Top Haircut for Wavy Hair with Undercut


95. Short Spiky Cut and Style

Privilege Barbershop


96. Long on Top Hairstyle for Curly Hair with Fade


97. Short Hairstyle for Fine Hair

Kevin Luchmun

98. Buzz Fade With Beard

Drew da Barber

99. Buzz Fade + Shape Up

Cant Be Faded

100. Spikes + Mid Fade


101. Short Cut for Tight Curls with Fade

YoungAZ Barber

102. How to Style a Crew Cut

Andrew Lampe

103. Latest Men’s Hair Trends – Texture


104. Short Messy Style for Thick Hair

Melissa Toft Hair

105. Short Haircut with Hard Side Part

Captain Smash

106. Short Side Part Style for Wavy Hair

Alex Parjus

107. Short Slick Back Style for Wavy Hair

Henry Lopez  

108. Short Textured Cut + Low Drop Fade

 Jake’s Barber Shop

109. Short Pomp + High Fade + Line Up

Fade Junky

110. Twisted Quiff + Bald Fade


111. Textured Crop for Thick Hair


112. Long on Top, Short Sides and Back for Wavy Hair

tombaxter_hair short curly hairstyle for men 2017 new

Tom Baxter Hair

113. Modern Men’s Hairstyles – Textured Spikes

hardgrind_aberdeen mens short haircut 2017 new

Hard Grind

114. Fine Spikes + High Taper

Ryan Connor

115. Short Haircut for Black Hair + High-Low Fade

Pat Regan

116. Tousled + Textured Spikes

Reece Beak

117. Classic Short Cut for Men with Thick Hair

Pat Regan

118. Fresh Haircut Styles for Men

Agus de Asís Hair Artist

119. Cool and Easy Men’s Hairstyles

Morris Motley

120. Underpart Hairstyle

Underground Veria

121. Shaved Hairstyle for Thick Hair


122. Messy Flat Top Spikes


123. Spiked Quiff


124. Messy Texture + Mid Fade

morrismotley short haircut men 2017 new

Morris Motley

125. Modern Men’s Hair – Spikes with Fringe

Robert Braid

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